Nimbus 2000: the symbol (free download)

My friend Kim and I are working on some quidditch costumes – never mind that we’re about 15 years too late to be on trend. I’ve been doing a deep internet dive for good photos of the Nimbus 2000 since we’re both huge fans of this specific Harry Potter broom. The handle shape and visible wood grain is just spot-on. Plus the curve of those bristles is lovely. Just see:

Draco Malfoy’s Nimbus 2001, although supposedly superior in the Harry Potter books, is a lot more plain in the movies – straight handle, bulkier bristles – and not nearly as appealing:

So we’ll be starting off on making our own brooms as part of our costumes. Hooray! Having perfect broom = priceless. Learning woodworking? We’ll see how it goes.

Adding the Nimbus 2000 symbol to your broom

The logo is particularly important to me to get right (big design geek right here). It turns out there are a myriad of ways there to add this sharp logo to your broom:

My favorite method is definitely the decal, for two reasons. One, it’s really hard to get detail work right – whether it’s with a stencil or hand carving – and using a machine cut decal means you can get it just right. And two, it’s way easier. For sure.

But I couldn’t find a good version of the logo anywhere online (cue tearing up and a few violins here). And I needed it for the vinyl cutter!

So I took an evening to make a vector version of the Nimbus 2000 logo. I wanted to share it with y’all as well so you can use it for making your own Nimbus 2000:

Vector (PDF) Vector (SVG) Bitmap (PNG)

And if you make a broom and it turns out even halfway worth sharing, I’d love to see pics. Happy broom making!

June 2019 update: My home-brewed Nimbus 2000 is complete! Here’s a finished pic of the decal I made using this SVG:


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6 thoughts on “Nimbus 2000: the symbol (free download)”

  1. Muchas gracias por el Vector, estoy haciendo una Nimbus 2000 para un regalo, y querĂ­a hacerle el vinilo!!! ^^ Encantado de pasarte fotos cuando este acabada!!

  2. I am big fan of Nimbus. I want it name for my bike
    can you please tell me which font is use to write Nimbus 2000
    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Raj! I didn’t find a specific font for “Nimbus 2000” so I hand-wrote it. Feel free to download the graphic from this post to use for your bike, though!

    1. Hi Giacomo! Although I don’t hold any copyright for the Nimbus 2000, you’re welcome to use my patterns to make your own. Happy broom making!

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