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Quidditch robe numbers

In researching how to make my own Quidditch robes, I found a ton of tutorials on how to sew robes – from a youtube video how to make a quick robe out of whatever you have on hand, to free handcrafted patterns with full instructions. The one thing I couldn’t find was which font the movies used for the robe numbers.

As it turns out, it’s Tahoma bold, which is probably already on your computer. Take a look:

House quidditch robes for years 3+ feature both the player’s name on the front and back of their robes, and number on back and left arm. The number you wear is based on which position you play on the team – 1 for keeper, 2/3 for beater, 4/5/6 for Chaser, or 7 for seeker. Here’s how the numbers are placed on the robes:

Is there a template for me to use to make my own quidditch robe numbers?

Why yes, I’m so glad you asked! I’ve put together a template that I used myself to get the right font sizes/letter layout for the back of my Ravenclaw Quidditch robes. Feel free to either print it out as-is or make your own changes to it in Illustrator.

Quidditch Robe Numbers Template

As always, if you use my templates I’d love to see it in action! post a comment or share a photo below and I’ll be one amazingly happy camper!

How did you figure out which font they used?

  1. If it’s a generic-looking font, type out whichever words you have in the sample and run through the fonts already installed on your computer. It’s amazing how many logos or designs use basic fonts like Arial Black, Times New Roman, or even Tahoma *cough Harry Potter cough*.
  2. Use What The Font to upload an image of your letters. Then you map your characters and it’ll try to find which font you have. I find it works best if I edit an image to have the letters in black on a white background, ideally with lots of space between each character.
  3. Try Identifont. I particularly appreciate their “fonts by appearance” feature where you choose the characteristics of your font (does the Q have a straight tail?) and they’ll display the fonts that meet your criteria.

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Martha is a miniature-making, Hary-Potter-and-Back-To-The-Future-loving designer with a thing for her grandma's pot roast. And really swank vintage chairs.

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Wow Elizabeth, your robes turned out gorgeous! I’m so happy to hear my pattern made your robe-making easier too. Thanks so much for sharing! 👏

You must have eagle eyes! On researching robe numbers, I also found that the ones in tryouts didn’t match the ones people wore in games. It looks like they wore random numbers for tryouts before getting permanent ones for matches.

Ron initially wore the number 2 jersey in the 6th film. However, in the match against Slytherin, he participated wearing the number 1 jersey. It is hidden by his protective gear, but you can see the number 1 written on his arm.

Hi Stella! The books don’t use numbers on the robes, and they aren’t in the Harry Potter movies until the third movie. Numbers indicate position on the team – Harry and Draco are both seekers, and number 7. Fred and George are numbers 5 and 6 as those are chaser numbers. You can catch a quick glimpse of the twins with these robe numbers in the Prisoner of Azkaban movie, in the scene after the quidditch match where Harry is in the hospital.

On the match vs Slytherin in the 6th movie, numbers are :
1 Ron Weasley
2 Jimmy Peakes
3 Ritchie Coote
5 Ginny Weasley
6 Demezla Robins (mispelled Robbins)
7 Harry Potter
9 Dean Thomas

Dean Thomas wearing a number higher than 7 is probably due to the fact he is a substitute, replacing Katie Bell who was presumably meant to be number 4 (the only number lower than 7 missing). The number 8 is possibly reserved for the keeper substitute Cormac McLaggen.

For the old team in 3rd movie, Fred & Georges are seen wearing numbers 5 and 6, and a girl who seems to be Angelina Johnson is seen with number 3 in Hospital Wing at the bedside of Katie after her broom caught fire. As keeper, Oliver Wood is presumably number 1. Considering Katie is already number 4 (like said above), then Alicia Spinnet would be number 2.

On the match vs Slytherin in the 6th movie, Gryffindor players numbers are : 1 Ron Weasley, 2 Jimmy Peakes, 3 Ritchie Coote, 5 Ginny Weasley, 6 Demezla Robins (mispelled Robbins), 7 Harry Potter, and 9 Dean Thomas. Dean Thomas wearing a number higher than 7 is probably due to the fact he is a substitute, replacing Katie Bell who was presumably meant to be number 4 (the only number lower than 7 missing).

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