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Nimbus 2001: the symbol (free download)

So you want to make yourself a Nimbus 2001? Fabulous. Here’s what the Cinereplicas version by Noble Collection looks like. Isn’t she a beaut?

I ran across a lovely maker on Instagram who used my Nimbus 2000 symbol and broom handle template and crafted something really quite beautiful. He mentioned he was looking for the Nimbus 2001 symbol now and wasn’t having any luck. And after scavenging the internet, I couldn’t find a single vector version of the Nimbus 2001 logo.

Now, one Saturday morning at my computer and two cups of tea later, I’m pleased to share my version of the Nimbus 2001 symbol. Feel free to use it on your projects. And if you have pictures to share, I’d love to see them!

Adding the Nimbus 2001 symbol to your broom

I researched a lot of different ways to add the Nimbus logo to my broom when I was making my Nimbus 2000. These are the top ways I found that people are doing so:

  • Spray paint + stencil
  • Gold marker + stencil
  • Gold foil decal, cut out with a Cricut Maker
  • Carving the logo into the handle and painting it with gold paint

Personally, I’m a big fan of the machine-cut decal because it’s so clean. But if you don’t have a cutting machine (or a friend who does), the other solutions work too.

Reference Material

It’s always easier to make a prop when you have reference materials. Here’s what I’ve come up with so far. If you know of any other scenes featuring the Nimbus 2001, let me know in the comments below!

Draco Malfoy with Nimbus 2001 - Quidditch Outfit

By Martha

Martha is a miniature-making, Hary-Potter-and-Back-To-The-Future-loving designer with a thing for her grandma's pot roast. And really swank vintage chairs.

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