No Tech Knowhow Hoverboard Graphics

notech knowhow hoverboard graphic template free download

My recreation of the No Tech Knowhow hoverboard (Back To The Future 2). This techtacular board was ridden by the character Data, played by Ricky Dean Logan. I bet you remember this one: “Hey McFly you bojo, those boards don’t work on water. Unless you’ve got power!”

2 thoughts on “No Tech Knowhow Hoverboard Graphics”

  1. Hi came a cross your amazing work on the Hoverboard.
    The jpegs that you made in illustrator look spot on, is there any chance you could share a copy with me, it’s not for a full scale but for 1:8 scale to go with the build the delorean part work magazine.
    I have already made the pink Hoverboard and pitt bull, as I do 3d printing and painting as an hobby.
    I’ve just made the no tech, rising sun and question mark.

    However I’m struggling to get a good quality decal print, that’s when I’ve come across your page and looking at your graphics they look 1000% to that of the original boards

    Would be amazing if you could send to me.
    Thanks in advance.

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