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Where’s Waldo on Canada Day?

What happens when you bring a red and white striped t-shirt home? I suppose it depends on who you are. But if you’re anything like me, you immediately jump to visions of the whole family kitted out in Where’s Waldo costumes amidst a sea of red and white.

Where's Waldo (face)

From there the daydream turns into a DIY fantasy – finding matching t-shirts would be hard, right? Maybe I should just sew all 4. After that, I’ll need to find us 4 pairs of round glasses and compile stacks of books. Should the books all be copies from Martin Handford’s Where’s Waldo series? Maybe I should knit Waldo hats for us all to match as well. Could I find us matching boots?

Several hours later, after way too much Googling and Pinterest-searching, I usually come to the conclusion that my daydream would take up all my free time for the next several months. Which suddenly makes the idea seem a whole lot less ideal.

Making the Waldo Hat

Nonetheless, this time around I found an easy kids’ knitting pattern for a Waldoesque hat on Small + Friendly. It looked do-able if I ignored the fact that I’d have to learn to knit, so I bought two balls of yarn and a set of knitting needles.

It turns out a hat knit in the round isn’t the best project to start to knit with. After several false starts, I gave up and reverted to every fiber artists’ trusted first project, the dishcloth. Four dishcloths and many frogged rows later I came back to this pattern with my new found knitting and purling skills in tow.

Where's Waldo Knitted Hat Pattern

Before starting this pattern you’ll need to know how to cast on, knit, purl, purl 2 together (p2tog), and knit 2 together (k2tog). I ended up looking up the last 2 on Youtube to figure out how to do them.

You’ll also need a few basic supplies:

  • US sized 8 16″ circular needles
  • Worsted weight yarn – 1 ball of red, 1 ball of white
  • Crochet hook or tapestry needle
  • This Pattern (thanks, Small + Friendly!)

Knit/purl as per the pattern until your work reaches 3.5″ long. Switch to white and keep going until the white is 6″ long, then start your decreasing/finishing.

The pompom is an absolute must, of course. I made mine by winding red yarn around the two handles of my can opener, then tying a knot around the middle and cutting the ends. It required a lot of trimming and came out a bit smaller than expected, but that’s just the way it goes!

Putting the costume together

Where's Waldo Cartoon - Full OutfitI thought it would be hard to find a pair of Waldo glasses, but I lucked out. It seems that Waldo and Harry Potter share an optometrist, so I just tracked down a pair of costume glasses on VarageSale. Secondhand finds are the best – $1 for the win!

Waldo usually wears blue jeans, a brown belt, and brown boots. If you really wanted to get a slam dunk for your costume, try digging up a brown/wooden cane for bonus points.

By Martha

Martha is a miniature-making, Hary-Potter-and-Back-To-The-Future-loving designer with a thing for her grandma's pot roast. And really swank vintage chairs.

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