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The past few years have started our family on a geocaching adventure. The extra family time we’ve had these past few months has been spent wisely in exploring the world around us more and has led to many geocaching expeditions.

Last week my husband wanted decided to start creating his own geocaches to add to the community. He went searching online for labels to put on his cache so people know what the geocache is if they come across one by accident and aren’t already in the know.

He found the official waterproof vinyl labels on the official Geocaching Shop, but wanted to print his own labels so he wouldn’t have to wait for shipping. Shipping from the United States has been taking ages lately due to COVID.

A Google search for geocaching labels came up with some free labels but nothing large enough image to print nicely.

So, being the maker family that we are, we made our own. I spent an evening making them and wanted to share with the community for anyone else looking to print their geocaching labels at home.

Printable Geocache Instructions

Update: Aug 22, 2020 – I just came across the official Geocache “instructions for finders” that you can print off to add to your cache so muggles who find your cache know what’s going on. Perfect.

By Martha

Martha is a miniature-making, Hary-Potter-and-Back-To-The-Future-loving designer with a thing for her grandma's pot roast. And really swank vintage chairs.

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Hey! Thank you so much for the geocache label pdf’s; Way easier than searching for some that don’t have watermarks on them or trying to make my own. I’m making a replacement cache tonight for the ammo box that keeps getting stolen 🙁

Hey Lisa – so sorry to hear your ammo box keeps getting stolen! Someone must be greatly admiring your cache to keep stealing it 😉 I’m so glad to hear the printable labels are working out the way I hoped. Thanks for sharing 😊

Hello and greetings from Provence in the south of France! Thank you so much for sharing with us these very useful geocaching labels. Time to go for more adventures 🇨🇵

Thank you for the geocache labels my grandchildren are excited about making some cache boxes to set out.

I just wanted to say thank you for making these. Very helpful.
Could I ask if you have made any small circle ones that would fit on top of a soda bottle type cache?
Thanks again

Thank you, Martha for your dedication. Have you think designing some rounded labels? It would be nice for caché lids.

It was a fund project to do! I am not planning on designing rounded labels, but it’s a cool idea! If you don’t fancy cutting rounded corners into them by hand, I’ve had some success with a rounded corner punch.

These are great! What font did you use? I am trying to make a Geocaching Birthday Invite for my son’s 6th birthday! Thanks

Thanks so much for these! When I go to print them they are grayscale not color….is there a way to get them in color?

They print beautifully. So grateful not to have to spend the time designing our own cause you so thoughtfully shared your handiwork. I too found others but they were unclear when printed and too small. So many thanks from one designer to another. Am going to make up some little 1″ geocaching buttons now to include in my caches. Such fun xx

I’m so happy to hear that they print well! And what a great idea with the 1″ geocaching buttons. We’ve been adding 3D printed geocaching symbols to the caches lately, but the buttons would be a great addition to our stash of shareable little things. I checked out your ‘coming soon’ website and your plant illustrations are beautiful. Lovely work!

Thanks for giving access to these free printable caching labels! They are perfect for our needs! Thanks for your kind generosity which is truly gratifying and appreciated in today’s crazy world! Stay well and healthy and always in the sunshine!

Thanks a lot for the PDF file. We’ve been geocaching now for 2 years. We clicked over 1oo finds in the last week, and we’re off to make a hide of our own. These geocaching labels have made the adventure a little more fun, knowing someone who isn’t playing intentionally may be able to get in touch!

I am so glad I came across this! I am a newbie, and I’ve finally found my 20th cache. I am super excited to get to hide my own now and these downloads are super helpful! You wouldn’t happen to know where a gal can get free printable Caching Logs, would ya?
GeoName: DanyelleNA

Thank you very much for creating these and sharing them. I was looking to buy some and also thought I could make my own. But you have saved me lots of time. I really appreciate that. I am making my first cache with my 8 year old grandson. I’ve been playing the game for years but never made one. We live in Calgary too!

I’m so glad I could save you some time – and that you’re having fun geocaching! It’s a great reason to get outside and explore places. I hope your grandson is excited that you’ll be making your own caches now. 😀

Those labels would be fine for *inside* the cache, but the ones geocaching HQ offers are adhesive-backed vinyl stickers that are weatherproof and UV resistant that will last outdoors for years. However, your finders PDFs are very very useful, nice job!

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