Quidditch Robe Costume Reference

As I’m sure the 2 of you who religiously read my blog already know
(hi, mom!) , I’m working on a Quidditch costume with my friend Kim. We have about 2 months to get everything sketched, trialed, and finalized. That means I kicked things off by downloading every high-resolution photo of Quidditch I can get my hands on. Then, because there aren’t too many of those, I spent an evening casting Immobulus on my TV at opportune moments. I’m not sure it will ever fully recover.

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Nimbus 2000: the symbol (free download)

My friend Kim and I are working on some quidditch costumes – never mind that we’re about 15 years too late to be on trend. I’ve been doing a deep internet dive for good photos of the Nimbus 2000 since we’re both huge fans of this specific Harry Potter broom. The handle shape and visible wood grain is just spot-on. Plus the curve of those bristles is lovely. Just see:

Draco Malfoy’s Nimbus 2001, although supposedly superior in the Harry Potter books, is a lot more plain in the movies – straight handle, bulkier bristles – and not nearly as appealing:

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