Let’s make making easier.

Being a maker, or one who can’t stop making (which is closer to where I’m at), can be so fulfilling.  Once you press that last seam to perfection, put the last coat of poly on that beautiful vintage chair, or get the perfect shot of your cosplay – that feels amazing.

But there are hours (and days) where everything you try isn’t working out, where you have no energy or no time, or just can’t find the motivation to make things the way you wish you could. When that happens I usually end up relying on others for a second opinion. Or flipping through blog posts. Or binge-watching YouTube tutorials to find a better way to get where I’m going. 

Others have provided me with so many great tips or a helping hand that has helped me keep going. And that has made all the difference. So I’m hoping to reciprocate – every project I post on here will have a download, links to where I found materials, tips on what I wish I’d do differently next time, and whatever else will make your making easier as well. 

So from one maker to another, let’s go make something great.

Love, Martha
Photo of Martha